The T LineRevitalization of Bayview Hunters Point began in earnest when the new Light Rail T line began operation in 2007. It runs from the Castro, through downtown and on through the heart of Bayview. Along the way it connects with commuter rail lines to and from San Jose. Prior to the T, the area was poorly served by public transportation. In addition, the residents had longed complained about the complete absence of a market for fresh food. All that will be changing.

When the T line first opened for operation a White Gay man, writing in the letters page of the local Gay paper Bay Area Reporter, said he feared the new line would bring an influx of thugs from Hunters Point to rob Castro Whites. Not only did the feared crime wave never materialize, as it turns out, the residents of Bayview Hunters Point had far more to fear from White Gays coming from the opposite direction and displacing them. White Gays have begun to set up households in the neighborhood.